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7th - 22nd June 2024

Written by Sean Guy and Directed by Anita Bound

An Agatha Christie-like murder mystery in which two detectives try to piece together an increasingly confusing murder mystery that involves wine, latex, two somewhat-competent detectives, and a strange group of individuals who all remember the evening very differently.

Under The Table.jpg

6th - 21st September 2024

Written by Sarah Ruhl and Directed by Phil Bedworth

While at a café, a man dies. But his cell phone will not stop ringing. The woman at the next table, Jean, picks up the cell phone and ends up stuck in the middle of all his troubles, meeting his widow Hermia, his mother Mrs. Gottlieb, and his mistress. In the course of meeting all these people, she ends up falling in love with the dead man’s brother, Dwight. The dead man himself, Gordon Gottlieb, eventually tells his last moments himself.

The Afterlife Calling...JPG

29th November - 14th December

Written by Norm Foster and Directed by Jay Shaw

David, a renowned novelist battles creative stagnation whilst bearing the weight of a heart-wrenching revelation he’s concealing from the world. Meanwhile, Lucy, his devoted housekeeper of nearly three decades, guards a hidden truth she dreads unveiling.

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