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MAY 25TH 9.30 - 1.30 KADS THEATRE

AUDITION NOTICE - Unpaid Community Theatre
Auditions invited for September's KADS production of "Dead Man's Cell Phone" by Sara Ruhl - directed by Phil Bedworth
Roles include:
Jean: (lead 20s-30s) Jean is enigmatic and slightly bohemian; a free-spirit with an old soul. She is a reactive character who approaches situations with a mixture of empathy and obsessive-compulsiveness. Her background is a mystery, but her goal is ultimately to comfort those who survive Gordon to the point of lying about the messages he had for them.
Dwight Gottlieb: (lead 20s-30s) Gordon’s brother. A loveable nerd and independent soul, Dwight runs a stationery and greeting card shop. He has always been on his own emotionally due to his mother’s obsession with Gordon and the early loss of his father. He is emotionally guarded and holds a regret over his brother, their estrangement and his lack of parental support.
Gordon Gottlieb: (30s-50s) Gordon is an amoral character with a gift for charming you into accepting his behaviour, no matter how reprehensible. He approaches the afterlife with the same curiosity that guided his life. (A lengthy monologue delivery is required).
Mrs. Harriet Gottlieb: (50s-70s) Gordon’s mother. An elegant and pampered woman who has been raised to be the arbiter of taste and behaviour in her family and community. Harriet’s beauty is still evident, either due to good breeding or a bit of nip and tucking. She is slightly outrageous in attire and speech, questioning the norms of how one grieves, which may make her a bit of a rebel.
Hermia Gottlieb: (30s-50s) Gordon’s widow. Hermia is an unhappy widow. She is a woman of means who looks the other way through her husband multiple affairs. Her biggest regret is her inability to do the same with his business activities. She is a highly sexual woman and perhaps an alcoholic.
Carlotta: (20s-30s) the other woman. She is a lethal woman, a femme fatale from a bygone age. She is a retro siren. Affiliated with Gordon’s business in some fashion, Carlotta is his current mistress. Her resentment of this fuels her extreme actions.
Please prepare a 2 minute monologue of your choosing, demonstrating your range and type. You will also be asked to cold read excerpts from the script.
Please send any questions to
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