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Lost in Time and Place


A one-act series of dramatic monologues

written by James Forte and directed by Mitchell Robinson

Kalamunda Theatre from 17 to 25 September.

That moment when alien cultures meet for the first time – the potential for conflict, the strange dangers and diseases, the transfer of knowledge and technology. 

A seventeenth century sailor is stranded on a foreign shore.  His deepest desire is to get a message back to his family explaining what has happened to him.

This is an account of coping with exile – of being away from your loved ones.  Of overcoming the loneliness, despair and dread of being totally forgotten.


WILLEM VAN DE VELDEN: a Dutch sailor of the early 17th Century.  Religious.  Married with a daughter.  He is thin but could be any age over 20.  (A Dutch accent would be useful but not essential.)

JANE SHENTON: a young lady of the Swan River Colony in 1832.  Age between 20 and 30.

HEATHER RICHARDSON: a present-day Perth student of anthropology. Age early 20s to mid 30s.


Please contact Mitch at for an audition time.

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